Welcome to Cayres Suites. It all started in 2008 when we received our first guest at Quinta Miramar. 10 years had past and we now can offer a variety of self-catering apartments all located in the best areas of Funchal.


Visit us and stay in the historic area of Sé at the Cayres Suites Carmo. Move to the west at the very center of Historic São Pedro and stay at the brand new Cayres Suites Surdo. Or just go a little more to the Hotel area and stay at Quinta da Nogueira or at Quinta Miramar, you de

Cayres Suites Carmo

Rua da Conceição 67

Quinta Miramar

Estrada Monumental 188 AB

Cayres Suites Surdo

Rua do Surdo 18

Quinta da Nogueira

Rua Dr. Pita Nº 2

Talk to us: book@cayressuites.com

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